Saw Palmetto Oil

Saw Palmetto Oil Supercritical Manufacturer And Supplier

Saw palmetto oil, botanically known as Serenoarepens or Sabal Serrulata belongs to the family of Arecaceae and is extracted using the seed of the plant. The product gets its origin in the Southeastern United States. After the extraction of the product using the cold-pressing technique, the oil gets an appearance of dark yellowish-orange to pale yellow color and carries an active content of lauric acid including others.

The Extraction And Separation

A saw palmetto composition includes more than 0.2% saw palmetto sterols and does not have any residue. The oil extracted from the purple berries of saw palmetto fan palm. The oil is extracted from the fruits and seed part of the Saw Palmetto plant using the cold pressing technique. The extraction method for saw palmetto berries requires contracting the ground saw palmetto berries with a continuous flow of carbon dioxide at a temperature of less than 80° C to dissolve the saw palmetto compound in carbon dioxide.

The extraction process further includes the separation of saw palmetto compounds CO2 into a plurality of fractions by passing the continuous flow of CO2 using a plurality of separation. The first separation of plurality has a lower pressure than the extraction pressure and a temperature that does not solidify the CO2 and each subsequent separation has lower pressure than the preceding separation.

At Shubh Flavours & Fragrances, we ensure 100% organic and pure form and supply the oil to the major pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies with an IP, IB, and USP standard.

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