Serenoa Repens Extract Manufacturer And Supplier

Serenoa Repens Extract Manufacturer And Supplier

Serenoa repens gets its origin in the swamps of the south-eastern coast of the United States of America. The berries carry numerous medicinal properties that the pharmaceutical industry can utilize. The extract can be efficiently used for various pharmaceutical and nutraceutical-based industries. The bioactive compound in the Serenoa repens plant is frequently used for medicines by major pharmaceutical companies to treat issues including pathologies.

The Extraction Process

The dark purple to blackberries Serenoa repens fruits are grown in clusters and ripen between October and December. The extracted source is ripped and partially dried and can be extracted using different extraction processes. A number of extraction techniques are used to get the enhanced properties of the product. The composition, both qualitative and quantitative, depends on the extraction process. In terms of saw palmetto, SRM 3251 S. repens extract has a certified concentration of fatty acids, β-carotene & its isomers, and γ- and δ-tocopherol. The extracted SRM 3251 can be obtained using the CO2 extraction process.

Essential Oil Indian uses the process to get the high-quality extract of Serenoa repens. To get the high-quality Serenoa repens extract in a well suited container, Essential Oil Indian can be your solution. We strive to deliver 100% natural and pure Serenoa repens extract.

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